Goldfish - Tropical - Marine  

Did you know? 

Fish packed in bags & boxes ready for export to AustraliaThe majority of fish you see in most pet stores have been imported from ornamental fish farms all over the world. There are 22 countries that have been approved to send freshwater fish to Australia and the majority of imported fish are from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. These fish undergo multiple handling, time in transit and lengthy quarantine periods upon reaching Australia. This can leave the fish a little stressed, underfed and not in their prime condition.

Our fish are different! We stock Australian-bred fish wherever possible. Approximately 90% of our fish have been bred right here in Australia. Australian-bred fish have been handled less, spent less time in transit and have no need to undergo lengthy quarantine periods. Australian-bred fish arrive in store less stressed, healthier, fatter and brighter.

Since we made the switch to stocking Australian-bred fish we have experienced a significant reduction in disease, poor quality stock and in-store deaths. Our customers really notice the difference, frequently commenting on the health and quality of the fish they've purchased from us.