Aqua Life Warrnambool Aquarium is a specialist aquarium and fish-keeping store, providing everything you need for your home aquarium or pond.

We are a locally owned and operated independent retailer, bringing many years of experience to South-West Victoria's aquarium enthusiasts.

Aqua Life is the only dedicated aquarium store in Warrnambool and the surrounding districts.

We are proud to cater for both beginners and experienced fish-keepers.

We're sure you'll find everything you need in store to set up your next aquarium or maintain your current one. 

Aqua One Tanks Currently In Transit

 AquaStyle 980T Gloss White - 240L 

 AquaStyle 980 Gloss Black - 215L 

 AquaStyle 850 Gloss Black - 165L 

 AquaStyle 620T Gloss Black - 130L 

 AquaStyle 620 Gloss White - 90L 

 AquaStyle 510 Gloss Black - 75L

All Aquariums Include LED Lighting, 3 Stage Filtration & Matching Cabinets.

Stylish Bow Front Design, Easy To Setup and Maintain, Two-Way Single Switch LED Lighting Technology, Moonlight Function With 'Blue Only' Option or 'All Lights' (RGB) Option, LED Lighting Promotes Lush Plant Growth, As Well As Intensifying The Natural Colour Of Your Fish